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7 Godly Disciplines That Will Fuel Your Success

1) Don't wait until you feel like it Brian Tracy exhorts us to “eat the biggest frog first”. As Christian business professionals, almost daily we are tasked with something we have to do or should do that isn't pleasant. Whether it's to give bad news to a customer, or...

You Are What You Repeatedly Do

  "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit!”                                                                                    -Aristotle I couldn’t agree with Aristotle more when it comes to achieving your goals and creating...

7 Dependable Ways to Make Your Boss LOVE You

7 Dependable Ways to Make Your Boss LOVE You 1.) Do what’s expected...and a little bit more. There has never been a traffic jam on the “Extra Mile”. Work the entire time you are supposed to be working. $1’s wage for at least $1’s worth of work. If you are supposed to...

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