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What is Prosperous Christian?

It is NOT just another “RA, RA” book full of platitudes, fluff and empty promises.
It is NOT just about becoming prosperous financially, these commandments will help you to become that and exponentially MORE in all categories of life, Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Social, Professional, Familial AND Financial.



This book is filled with hundreds of scriptures that give concrete, definitive, Godly instruction on how to be more prosperous in all categories of life; physical, mental,spiritual, professional, social, familial and financial. 

“Prosperous Christian” takes you on a deep dive into the ten commandments of Godly prosperity that are essential to have true Godly abundance. In addition, it gives supporting teachings on our competition, conflicting scriptures, and even the dangers of financial prosperity. 
You’ll learn the truth about:
• God’s definition of prosperity
• The real meaning of life
• How to unlock the truths in the Bible
• How to pray effectively
• The most dynamic and powerful law of God
• How God works in the workplace
• What God says about the rich
• Your state versus your standing
And more! 
Each of the ten commandments is illustrated by remarkable real-life stories, thought-provoking questions, and strategic real-world action steps you can implement right now.

Core Values

Pursue Excellence
Opportunity minded
Service minded
Productivity, not activity
Remember to have fun

“The way that Edward Hill talks about it and describes it in detail, really blew my mind as to just how abundantly prosperous He wants us to be."

Derek Ferebee – Ferebee Photographic

I just got done reading "Prosperous Christian" and all I can say is...WOW. This truly is a must read. Great research, great writing, great dissecting and explaining of the scriptures. Truly an inspirational reading.

Matt Robinson – Owner of Professional Investors Guild

A lot of people tell you what to do, but they don't tell you how to do it. Well in the book Eddy lays it out step by step. Eddy talks about how you have to work as unto the Lord, how you have to study to show yourself approved. You just can't want to be a Prosperous Christian... you have to get up off your butt and go out there and get it done!

Steve Wilmer – International Sales Training Coach, Author, Speaker

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