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Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. ~ III John 1:2

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What Is A Christian Business Coach? Who is Coaching For?

It’s hard to read the label when you are inside the bottle.

It’s no surprise that all elite athletes have a coach. It’s a must to push them beyond their own self motivation and achieve their maximum potential. As a Christian Entrepreneur, it’s imperative we seek “wise council” from a trusted advisor whose business advice is rooted in Biblical text. 

Who Is Prosperous Christian Coaching For?

We specialize in holistic coaching for small to medium businesses that are Christian owned. But we also specialize in individual and group coaching for managers, sales people and employees.

Why Should I Contact You?

As a Business Coach who specializes in Christian businesses, my team and I offer extremely effective coaching systems that are based on Biblically-sound principles that have worked for countless business owners I’ve trained and coached. We work with small to medium businesses in all kinds of industries at all levels. We love partnering and helping fellow Christians prosper by implementing practical, proven systems that get massive results. If you want to have a brief, highly valuable strategy session with a Master Prosperite, an experienced, proven Christian Business Coach, and someone who will meet and exceed your expectations, contact us now!”– Eddy Hill

Executive Coaching
Executive coaching is an in depth development process with C-Level executives that builds the capability to meet short and long-term goals.  We strategically start with the 30k foot view and end with boots on the ground action steps that will catapult your business to massive growth. This isn’t theory, or pie in the sky. This is proven tactical steps back by God’s Word in how to prosper.
Managment Coaching
This program is based on the belief that success starts from the top down and managers set the tone, pace and morale for your company. We take a deep dive into your core values and build upon your culture to maximize efficiency and effectiveness by increased leadership competency and capacity. The end result will be your entire staff will be rowing in the same direction.
Sales Coaching
Nothing happens in business until something is sold. Commerce has been around for thousands of years and it always has had God’s blessing when done in an ethical, biblical manner.  Our sales training starts with building trust, then we teach how to build a mutually beneficial relationship.
Live Workshops
On site workshops are an excellent way to kickstart exponential growth. We start with the foundation of core values, then take the time to layout specific action steps with accountability plans.
Online Webinars/Meetings

Live webinars and virtual meetings are great for further in depth training and followup. They are recorded for easy access.

About Eddy

Eddy is a two time winner of the prestigious “Speaker of the Year” award from the international Awards and Recognition Association. Eddy is known as the “master of motivation”. He is a natural cheerleader who inspires his audience with massive energy, humor and a message of “inspiration, motivation and perspiration”. Eddy’s core message is achieving professional and personal success through following the proven habits and techniques of the highly successful. He blends his knowledge of practical business and life principles, with biblical principles that allow us to live a more joyful, happy and prosperous life. The bottom line is, “get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want”. Eddy’s message and stories are truly inspiring, funny and to the point. All speeches are catered directly to your audience! 

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“If you need a blessing, read this book! And no God is not YOUR PERSONAL LOTTERY TICKET! Just like with anything else, you will have to PUT IN WORK! If you want a SPIRITUAL BLESSING, then you have to PUT IN SPIRITUAL WORK.” ~ Denise Brown

Thought provoking and inspiring. I love these principles. It is good to be reminded to stay positive even to ourselves. Our Father is a great example to us. “…God is light, and in him is no darkness at all” I John 1:5b. No darkness would include there being no negatives, at all! Thanks Eddy! ~ Jim Reitz

“A superb speaker with terrific stories and business case examples, Eddy talks of the need for character and integrity in valuing your customers – and your people! – by treating them the right way.” ~ Capt. Kevin Miller

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