By Edward C Hill

Prosperous Christian

This masterful book was written especially for those Christians who are looking for the more abundant life in which God promises in John 10:10. It nearly exhausts the prosperity motif and is filled with hundreds of pertinent scriptures that give tangible, definitive, Godly instruction on how to be more prosperous in all categories of life; physical, mental spiritual, professional, social, familial and financial. 

“Prosperous Christian” takes you on a journey into the 10 commandments of Godly prosperity you must obey to have true abundance, as well as supporting teachings on our competition, conflicting scriptures, the dangers of financial prosperity and more.  

You’ll learn the truth about: 

  • God’s definition of prosperity 
  • How to unlock the truths in God’s Word 
  • How to pray effectively 
  • The most dynamic and powerful law of God 
  • How God works in the workplace 
  • What God really says about the rich 
  • And more! 

Each of the 10 commandments of prosperity is illustrated by remarkable real-life stories, thought-provoking questions, and strategic real-world action steps you can implement right now, and you will be motivated to do so.  

This book is a must read for every Christian entrepreneur, business professional or coach. You will highlight, asterisk, star, underline, circle and dog ear dozens of profound topics before you are finished reading this book.  

Amazon USA Best-Seller: Personal Growth

Amazon USA Best-Seller: Professional Growth

Amazon USA Best-Seller: Christian Living

Amazon USA Best-Seller: Entrepreneurship

Amazon Canada Best-Seller: Entrepreneurship

Amazon Mexico Best-Seller: Religion

Amazon Australia Best-Seller: Christian Personal Growth

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Consultant

Edward C. Hill

Eddy is a two time winner of the prestigious “Speaker of the Year” award from the international Awards and Recognition Association. Eddy is known as the “master of motivation”. He is a natural cheerleader who inspires his audience with massive energy, humor and a message of “inspiration, motivation and perspiration”. Eddy’s core message is achieving professional and personal success through following the proven habits and techniques of the highly successful. He blends his knowledge of practical business and life principles, with biblical principles that allow us to live a more joyful, happy and prosperous life. The bottom line is, “get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want”. Eddy’s message and stories are truly inspiring, funny and to the point. All speeches are catered directly to your audience! Contact Eddy Hill  850-637-TALK (8255)

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“A superb speaker with terrific stories and business case examples, Eddie talks of the need for character and integrity in valuing your customers – and your people! – by treating them the right way.” (Retired)

 ~Kevin Miller  Captain USN

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August 15, 2019


Sanders Beach-Corinne Jones Resource Center

913 S I St, Pensacola, Florida 32502

Book Launch & Signing • Pensacola, FL

Come celebrate with me, Eddie Hill!
I’m throwing a party to celebrate with all my friends on a successful book launch!! As some of you know, (and helped), my book “Prosperous Christian” hit #1 on Amazon for US, Canada and Mexico!

Please come celebrate with me!
There will be drinks & hors d’oeuvres and I will be giving away lots of prizes.

I will also be briefly teaching out of the book. (EXTREMELY MOTIVATING, you don’t want to miss this).


Please share with your friends, everyone is invited.



Coming Soon!

Available Aug 16, 2018


Prosperous Christian: Sales Training



10 in depth video training course with complete syllabus and work sheets.

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