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I downloaded this book! If you need a blessing, read this book! And no God is not YOUR PERSONAL LOTTERY TICKET! Just like with anything else, you will have to PUT IN WORK! If you want a SPIRITUAL BLESSING, then you have to PUT IN SPIRITUAL WORK. This book is 50 pages of REVELATION!  – Denise Brown

A superb speaker with terrific stories and business case examples, Eddie talks of the need for character and integrity in valuing your customers – and your people! – by treating them the right way. Captain Kevin Miller

Great Meeting! No, I mean it, it was a really, really great meeting! Steve Wilmer

Eddie,Good stuff tonight. Looking forward to next month already. Elden Scott


Cheryl and I want to thank you, Tami, and the rest of your crew. The group is very inspirational, and Steve Wilmer’s testimony was very motivational. It is awesome to expand networking with like minded Christians, in the North West Florida area. We are looking forward to next months meeting. Sincerely, Mark Fritschle

Thought provoking and inspiring. I love these principles. It is good to be reminded to stay positive even to ourselves. Our Father is a great example to us. “…God is light, and in him is no darkness at all” I Jo 1:5b. No darkness would include there being no negatives, at all! Great letter! Thanks Eddie!  

-Jim Reitz

I am reading a chapter a day and I just finished Commandment 2. Very powerful! It is funny though because I can hear you talking when I read. ! It is easy to read and understand. Plain speak. I like it! Thank-you so much for this! – Danette

I have watched some of your videos on your website. Very important project you are doing.  – Mike Fitzstephens

For as he thinketh in his heart…

Imagine someone getting mad at an eleven month old child who was trying to walk but fell down. Imagine that person saying “Why did you even try, I knew you would fall, you stupid worthless child. You’ll never amount to anything. You better stick to crawling.”  That would be absolutely absurd, not to mention child protection services would be knocking on their door. Would you say such mean things to a child? I would definitively hope not.   But what about the words you say to...

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Prosperous Christian e-book 8-27-14

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Law of the Farm

What would you think about a farmer who forgot to prepare the soil for planting, who gathered and sowed no seed in the spring, flaked off all summer then tried to sow, grow, and harvest a nice yield on his crop in the last part of fall? You would think he’s ludicrous! It can’t be done! Yet, we allow similar things to happen in our own lives. God’s law of the farm governs in horticulture… it also governs in all other areas of life. We all know that if it seems too good to be...

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Get cheese, avoid cat

The human brain is very similar to that of the mouse. That’s why so much research is conducted using mice. Much like our brain, the mouse is wired for pretty much two things… – Get cheese, avoid cat. When we attempt to sell something to a prospect we look very much like the cat, no matter what our intentions. Buyers are wired to view sellers as cats and even the greatest deal in the world may go unnoticed because our whiskers are showing. We as Christian business owners and business...

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Fellowship with Like-Minded Believers

Fellowship with Like-Minded Believers!

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What is the Value of a Christian?

What is the Value of a Christian? What is the Value of a Christian?

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Newsletter March 2014

  A Personal Note From Eddie Every year at the end of February I fly to Las Vegas for the annual Awards Recognition trade show. It’s a great association full of all types of awards and sign businesses from all over the world. For the last couple of years I have had the privilege of teaching several classes on marketing, advertising and this year sales. My favorite thing to do is poll the audience. In one of my classes there were over 180 people, which represents somewhere around 90-100...

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Newsletter February 2014

A Personal Note From Eddie One of my favorite times to gather with friends and family is the Super Bowl. Not so much for the game itself, but for the camaraderie. It’s amazing to watch athletes at the professional level. Their drive, their tenacity, their perseverance is truly remarkable and there is definitely a reason why they call them professionals. Statistically, Payton Manning is one of the top quarterbacks to ever play the game. However, in his career he has thrown 8,452 passes but...

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Diamond Level

Diamond Level Diamond Level  Monthly Meeting (with great coffee!)  Monthly Printed Newsletter  Monthly CD/DVD of a Prosperous Christian Testimony/Interview   Access to membership site  Recordings of past meetings  Directory listing on  CD/DVD recordings  PC Swag  Free Copy of the Prosperous Christian Book (when published)  Forum Postings (praise, prayer request, networking)   Monthly Phone Consulting/brainstorming Open Hours (8a-12a 2nd Tuesday of the...

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